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I am watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, again.

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My Holmes.

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Sometimes you ship characters because you want them to fuck against a wall

Sometimes you ship characters because you want them to get married and be together forever

The true OTP is both


New Night Vale ep more like


Spells in the Harry Potter series pt 2  // pt 1



I mean, damn, look at the bone structure on that man. He just keeps getting better and better looking every year. I can’t stop looking at those intense eyes- and the way he manages to project impatience with a dose of menace is hot as hell. 

"With the jawlines and the hair. It’s very intimidating."

Title: But It's Better If You Do
Artist: Panic! At The Disco
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Panic! At the Disco || But It’s Better If You Do


psst. darren loves chris. pass it on.