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Fangirl Challenge | TV Shows [8/10]

 └ Supernatural

We’re all going to hell. Might as well enjoy the ride.

make me choose ── abaddon or meg? ; @crimical


Greetings -

It has been decreed; that the time has come for the reaping of my April blog of the month.

How to enter: 

  •  MBF Divya.
  • Check out my March BOTM
  • Reblog this post until end March. (Likes are not counted.) 
  • If it doesn’t reach an okay number of notes, it never happened
  • Fandom/Multifandom blogs only (I apologise!)

How it’s going to go down:

  • Number of winners and runners up determined later on depending on notes. 
  • No polls. 
  • Results will be calibrated by the beginning of April. 


For Winners: 

  •  A follow back from me if I’m not already following
  • A link on my sidebar/updates tab for April
  • Promo whenever (ask and it is yours) + some spontaneous promos holla at a dolla
  • I will make (a few) graphics/gifsets/poems/impromptu fanfiction of your choice
  • Friendship (if you’d like!) 

For Runners Up 

  •   A follow back from me if I’m not already following
  •  A link on my updates tab for April
  •  5 promos whenever you ask
  •  Graphic/gif of choice
  •  Friendship (if you’d like!) 

Nai anar caluva tielyanna


  • It is for our followers so you have to follow steph and lacey
  • Just reblog the post. You can like to bookmark it, but it doesn’t count.
  • This is a fandom Tumblr Awards, so you sorta gotta be fandom.
  • You have until April 16th
  • The post MUST reach at least 60 notes
  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Sidebar/Header
  • Best Breaking Bad Blog
  • Best Harry Potter Blog
  • Best The Vampire Diaries Blog
  • Best The Walking Dead Blog
  • Best Supernatural Blog
  • Best Edits/Gifs
  • Best Multifandom Blog
  • Best Overall
  • Steph’s favourite
  • Lacey’s favourite
  • Our love and adoration
  • A follow back if we’re not already following
  • A spot on both of our blogs
  • Promos whenever you want for a month
  • If you want, you can request gifs from Steph too, but she understands if you don’t want to.